New to Strawberry Creek Farmhouse Soaps, this is the first of a trio of solid shampoo bars that will be soon in your shower and ready for your hair. We have incorporated the goodness of handcrafted soap-making into a formula especially designed to make your hair feel clean and soft without being stripped of its natural oils.


Solid shampoo bars are a wise and environmentally friendly choice for consumers who want to reduce their plastic consumption. Solid shampoo bars can last for up to 80 shampoos. They are easy to travel with and can be packed in carry-on as a solid product.


Why else use hand-crafted solid shampoo? Commercial shampoos use various surfactants to "clean" and create abundant lather. These surfactants are chemicals that can be harsh to skin and hair and cause irritation.  Also, it is not necessary to have lots of suds for clean hair!


We make our solid shampoo bars using a hot process soap method. Our formula includes jojoba oil, silk peptides and vitamin E, all of which may help your hair to feel stronger, silkier, and shiny. It is common, after switching from commerical surfactant-based shampoo formulations to hand-crafted solid shampoo bar, for hair to be softer and fluffier than before!


This solid shampoo bar is vegan and has been specially formulated to be conditioning for normal to dry hair. It is scented with natural lemongrass essential oil.  


To use, rub the solid shampoo bar between your hands and smooth the lather over your hair. Massage gently and rinse with warm water. There will not be alot of lather but your hair will be clean! Store your solid shampoo bar away from direct water spray and avoid placing it in water so that it will last longer.


Lavender & Chamomile Conditioning Shampoo Bar

  • Thank you so much for your purchase! At Strawberry Creek Farmhouse Soaps, we are committed to providing the highest quality products, using only the best ingredients available. Even the gentlest products may irritate certain skin types.


    Handcrafted soaps should be placed in a soap dish with drainage -- they will last longer that way.


    All bath products can make bathtubs and showers very slippery. Please take care when getting into and out of your tub or shower.