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Calendula soap, which is unscented, has been our hands-down best seller at Strawberry Creek Farmhouse Soaps. That's because this soap, which contains calendula infused oil and dried organic calendula petals, is incredibly gentle and conditioning. Calendula oil contains high levels of carotenoids (Vitamin A-like compounds) which may stimulate wound healing, as well as oil soluble sterols that help plump the skin and keep it thick. The petals are believed to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and immune stimulating, making the soap ideal for those with very sensitive skin, or skin damage caused by dermatitis and inflammation.


The top is heavily textured and each bar features light orange flecks from the organic dried calendula petals.


As is the case with all soaps at Strawberry Creek Farmhouse soaps, Calendula Soap contains no phalates, parabens, or sulphates.








Calendula Soap

Will ship by November 10th
  • Thank you so much for your purchase! At Strawberry Creek Farmhouse Soaps, we are committed to providing the highest quality products, using only the best ingredients available. Even the gentlest products may irritate certain skin types.


    Handcrafted soaps should be placed in a soap dish with drainage -- they will last longer that way.


    All bath products can make bathtubs and showers very slippery. Please take care when getting into and out of your tub or shower.

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